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23 August, 2013 For years now all our horses are being supported in their performance by the products of the Equitop line. All our horses get the daily support of Myoplast in their regimen.
What is Myoplast?
Equitop Myoplast is a 100% natural supplement: first-rate and distracted from fresh water algae. Equitop Myoplast exists of a combination of 18 specific amino acids.

What does Myoplast do for your horse?

Amino acids are the natural building stones we need for the synthesis of protein witch help the horse recuperate and stimulates the building of muscles. Some amino acids are being produced by the horse itself, but others have to be extracted out of its diet. These amino acids are called the essential amino acids. Even when a horse has a regimen based on proteins it might suffer from a lack of amino acids. This may result in slow grow and little or no muscle building. However when the amino acids are being provided to your horse in the right balance the muscles will react to it and the recover period (the need to rest after a training) will decrees. The performance capacity of your athlete will amaze you!

Sucrose (41%) , algae’s powder (40%) , dextrose (18%)

Protein 26,1%, axis 4,5%, fat 21%, crude fiber <0,1%

Natural flavors (0.4%)


You can order Equitop Myoplast at your equine shop but also at Superstore the Ruitershop (Rider’s shop) in Harmelen. www.ruitershop.nl