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At the site from Lotje Schoots

Please, let me introduce myself. I am Lotje Schoots, well, that is to say, my real name is Carlotte Charity. I was born in a region in the province of Northern Holland, called the “Zaanstreek” where we already had a farm with horses. My parents are also familiar with sport horses and so, I was actually raised with these beautiful animals. I cannot remember one period of my life without horses.

I started with a deep black Shetlander stallion, height 80 centimeters. He was called Cleo. Unfortunately, I grew too tall for him, and that went very fast, I should and must have a multicolored pony. Well I have learned al lot. As long as I was not riding seriously, it went all right, but if I wanted to ride him really as a pony, then every round he bucked me off in the sand. When I learned that I had to be ‘very angry’, it went much better. I even got the first place in a pony competition. I was 5 years old then.
Guess how he was called? BONTJE my (multi coloured furry pony).

Every week I got instruction in the horse club and there I saw a very beautiful little pony. His name was Marco. When the boy, who rode him grew too tall, we asked if we could buy him in due time as first bidders. But after some weeks we came at the horse club, and then he was already sold. Things are happening this way, obviously. But the new girl -buyer was not successful at all. In the eastern weekend of 1995 Marco was sent to us at our farm. And then with Marco my first steps in real dressage competitions started. With this fine pony I became Dutch national champion 5 times, in the middle level, in higher levels. I even was champion of the region, although he bucked me off, because he refused to do the single change of leg. Even when my mother took him over for a moment, he did not agree at all. In no time he kicked her off too. She stood in front of the pony, right before him with the reigns in her hands, between the pony’s legs. But Marco helped me enormously, even when I had broken my leg. He bended his front legs for me, and so I could clime on his back from my wheel chair. I did not see Marco for almost 2 months. But after leaving the hospital, seeing him for the first time again, he started to roar very loudly as soon as he heard my voice, shouting: Marco.

Too bad he died of a very serious colic. He was 23 years old then.

After Marco I had more ponies and was successful with them in the competitions on Z2 level. For example: silver medals in the Dutch national competitions, and silver medal with the Dutch team.

When I was thirteen years I had to jump to the horses because I had grown too tall. But what a choice it was! We were looking for a well trained horse, but, yes you know, he stood there up in the South of the Netherlands Zeeland). But he turned out to be a real professor. But he was so tall that I needed a three step staircase (?) to get on his hugh back. He measured 6 feet (1.80 meters). I also needed a very big bit to control him. But already in the first year of training I was chosen in the junior national B-team and got every day main prices at the national championships. Above all: I won the freestyle on music at a famous event, Indoor Brabant.

When I rode my big super horse at the juniors I always had to withstand one place above me and that was Fhilippo. Until the Dutch Championships (Nijmegen) in 2002, where Flip and his rider totally ‘flipped out’. He refused to go any further and was disqualified. Afterwards it became clear that he did the same at home. By mediation of Joyce Heutink he rightly came to our stables. Joyce had that feeling that it would be a nice click between him and me. The owner would like to try it because she had all the belief in Flip’s talents. And true that was.
At first we had a difficult start with him. He had two leg injuries and so we had to walk for months. Once we started at dressage events we only were steadily progressing. Despite Flip’s peculiar character I never had problems with him. We won everything I could possibly win. In the junior fourth and fifth grade and the Prix St. Georges we won 4 gold medals and even a sliver medal at the European championships. He twice was Dutch champion.

Now I have got new very talented horses. Reine B (-Rubinstein) and Floris (- Florestan I) who took over marvelously at the juniors and young riders with team gold, silver individual and 5 Dutch championships. I hope they will help me to make the big step into the senior level.

Our stables are located in Abcoude (5 miles south of Amsterdam):
Schoots Stables
Lange Coupure 3A
NL 1391 KN Abcoude

The living area and the entrance to the stables. Here is also the inside arena with the renowned “Achterberg” sports ground. The stable complex is located just beside the door on the right side.

The inside arena.

The stable complex, the horse truck and the outdoor ring.

The stables, the shower installation and solarium

The 100 ft x 200 ft. outdoor arena.

The Schoots’ stables
Since January 1, 2008 the Schoots Stables has become an official business, called Dutch International Horses, DIH. My parents and I run this company. In our stables we have enough space for the horses. We have 15 stables, an indoor and an outdoor arena and 4 acres of land. Each day all my horses are outside, once for playing in the field and once a for training. Horses which cause nasty problems outside in the field are being walked by hand.

Cleaning the stables is a job for me and my parents. Because I also work part-time for the Van Silfhout Stables, my parents are very important for me and they are doing a hell of job for me. I am and will always be very grateful.

Reine B
Reine is a mare, born in 1998. Sire is the Olden burger stallion Rubinstein. Reine is now one of my top horses. I ride here at the Young Riders (age 18 – 23). She performs already all the complex exercises on Grand Prix level. We hope to make the transition to this high international level very soon. Reine was bred by the Bleeker family (Peter and Hetty). She is with us in Abcoude at our stables.

Torricelli (Floris)
The pedigree of “Floris” is Florestan I. Floris was born in 2000. At the Young Riders he performs at the Prix St. Georges level. Floris and Reine B are my outstanding horses. Sometimes he is very naughty but I can never be angry. He was bred by Studfarm ‘Het Maalwater” and is also at our stables in Abcoude.

Zarah (- Oscar x Montecristo x Cabochon), owned by Gert Willem van Norel (“Pretendenthoeve”) is a chestnut mare born in 2004. At the age of three she finished the EPTM test (after 5 weeks of testing) with an exceptional good score of 87%. She is always eager to work hard and has a lot of potential.

This dark brown mare is sired by Rhodium (- Ferro). Born in 2003. Wonja had a foal first, but now we are focusing on the dressage sport. She is owned by the Kroon family and is also in Abcoude at our stables.


Brennus B
Brennus is the first born son of Reine B via embryo transplantation. This son of Diamond Hit was born in 2006. Owned by the Bleeker family and the Schoots family. After this summer period (2008) we will give him proper attention and training so he will develop into a nice sport horse.


Yes, who does not know my Flip?? Meanwhile Flip is 22 years of age. Now he enjoys his rest, no more competitions, and no events. Sometimes Flip is ridden for a nice walk in the woods, enjoying his grand old days. During several European championships he got 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal. Twice Dutch champion, once silver medalist. All medals won during three years time; Imagine this.

One of a kind, sometimes difficult, but what golden character!


Equitop Originate
Originate SOLD

Originate is a licensed stallion from 2001. The pedigree of this picture perfect horse is Obsession x Kroonjuweel, on both dam and sire side you will find several Grand-Prix horses. I have trained him since the end of 2011, and we are competing a Prix St. Georges level. Originate is a stallion but so sweet, more than you can imagine. He is so easy to handle. It would be the perfect horse for a Junior of Young-Rider. Originate has a good veterinarian, clinical and radiographic test report, 100% healthy!

Tsarina B SOLD
Tsarina is an elite mare, born in 2000. Sire is the famous stallion Jazz. Tsarina’s dam is the dam of Reine: elite pref prest sport Dola B. This mare is also owned by the Bleeker family. I compete with Tsarina on Light Tour level. She is very successful with always good high ranking results and many first prizes. Embryo transplantation is practiced in breeding.

Tsarina has that wonderful disposition and shows that in tests always without any hesitation. Approved clinically and radiographic.

Zorro SOLD
This dark bay gelding was born in 2004 and was sired by Sunny Boy x Frühling. He has a lot of talent and potential and is comfortably easy to ride. In 2010 he will show up more often in the regional Z2 class and the national ZZ-L class. In that tests he has to perform the flying changes, which he already can show steadily.

Zorro has a great disposition and is distinctively willing to work. Zorro has a good veterinarian, clinical and radiographic test report.

Charleston B SOLD
Charleston is a gelding, born in 2007 and has a wonderful pedigree: Jazz x Rubinstein. He is staying at my stables in Abcoude for training. He really is a top horse, out of the same mother as Zenobia B and Julia B. He is a real example of the breeding successes by the Bleeker family. (www.combinatiebleeker.nl Sorry not in English). In 2012 five year old Charleston was very successful already in the M1 class (2nd level) and also at the renowned national PAVO-Cup. In February 2013 he got fabulous scores at his debut on third level (and was the overall champion of that competition). He knows already the specials things in the Z2 (flying changes in canter, traversade). Charleston is cool and never scared or exited in the arena. He is always focused on the job. He is a great horse to train; he likes to learn new complex dressage exercises. Charleston is clinically checked by the vet and X-rayed. Everything all right. And not any behavior problem in the stables. Charleston is friendly, eager to learn, talented. If you have the same gifts, Charleston is your once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Photo: Stef Kolkman

Soraya SOLD
Soyaya is just a beauty and is especially known by her extraordinary score of 89.5% at the IBOP test (national mare test). Her outstanding pedigree: Sunny Boy x Ragazzo. She is 10 years old now, but in her career some peak results are remarkable, like the finals in the VSN-cup (young talented horses) and PAVO-Cup (national event young horses). Because of her special looks and her KWPN “elite” qualification she was a broodmare in the last three years. She got some special foals by Uphill and Bretton Woods.

Photo: Stef Kolkman