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Boehringer Ingelheim

For some years I already feed my sport horses Equitop Myoplast and shortly also Equitop Gonex and Equitop Forte. That made a remarkable difference in reaching better sport results. My top sport horses are performing fine, are looking very healthy and they are feeling good. It is very important to me that sport horses get necessary supplements. Only therefore they can achieve international top results, feeling at the same time happy and well. Of course the obvious fact of being completely free of any dope and fully screened in many tests is very appealing and convincing to me.


The CAH Dronten (agricultural college) and Lotje Schoots, the runner up in the international dressage competition, signed a sponsor contract for two years. Lotje now is studying in the second year at the CAH Department Management, Equine Economics and Sport. Starting this sponsor campaign Lotje and the college board will show that the combination of high level education and top sport in the equine business sector is very well possible. As from now Lotje will propagate the slogan: “Lotje is studying Equine Management at the CAH Dronten College”.
Not only the CAH Dronten wants to support Lotje in realizing her ambitions with this sponsor contract, but with Lotje the agricultural college CAH has also a fine ambassador. In fact the CAH Dronten is the leading college in equine management studies in the Netherlands. Students can even take their own horse to the Dronten college which also offers comfortable stables. In sponsoring Lotje the CAH Dronten college hopes to inspire and motivate candidate students for a study on college level.
Lotje is manifold champion (European and national champion as well) at the Juniors and Young Riders. Last summer at the European Championship she won the gold medal in the nation team test and gold in the individual test. She also got the silver medal in the Freestyle to music. On senior level Lotje already won several titles in different categories like the Prix St. George and she also was Rabobank Talent of the Year. This year she started on the highest level, the Grand Prix, which is the ultimate challenge for each dressage rider.
Lotje Schoots makes the combination true between top sport career and a part time study on college level. She is studying Management, Equine Economics and Sport, a part time study which can be done in combination with top sport, as Lotje says: “In summer it is sometimes a bit racy with all those outdoor events, but during the winter it is a lot easier to combine”. Her main objective with her study? “My parents have their own equine company, which I gladly will take over in the future. My college education with Management and Business suits very well with my business plans. If I might choose for another direction in the equestrian world, then I surely need this college education as a strong basis.

Hippostar is the personal trade mark of Arie Blok, general director. Hippostar offers a balanced horse food in all varieties. For each horse and pony Hippostar has composed the best suitable aliment for sport horses, horses in riding schools, breeding horses. Hippostar can advice you any time about the best suitable ration for your unique horse.


Hotel PRINS HENDRIK and hotel KOOPERMOLEN are one of my top sponsors. The hotel board and management give me full support in performing on the highest level.

You can find the 3 stars hotel Prins HENDRIK as well as hotel KOOPERMOLEN just a few yards from the Central Station in Amsterdam.
Hotel de MALLEMOLEN, also in the exiting centre of Amsterdam, near the Central Railway Station is a 1 star hotel.

These three fine hotels will welcome you with great hospitality

Click here for visiting and booking

Hotel Koopermolen and hotel de Mallemolen in the historical center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Click here for the website of both hotels

Many pictures on my site, but also all the pictures for PK International Sports Wear were taken by Hans Feijth. He is a photographer by profession. You can see him in person on many famous horse events, taking beautiful pictures.

Go to his interesting website: click here