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latest news  
Beautiful new colors
17 January, 2015 - 01:12
January 15, 2015The ANITA Sports Bras are there now also in super trendy colors.To the firmness and ..
Amazing début of Euripides
17 January, 2015 - 00:47
January 15, 2015Last weekend Euripides (- Jazz) was present at the third selection competition for t..
Ruby in the next stage of life with joy and pleasure
15 December, 2014 - 01:45
December 13, 2014After a great career of almost two years at our stables Ruby (- Gribaldi) returned ..
training / clinics

Since many years i have been schooling and training horses. Since 2008 i have my own stable Dutch International Horses. I dedicate my days to training at the highest possible level, something i really enjoy. I have schooled and trained many horses up to small tour and four horses in the Grand Prix. I offer full livery for your young talented horse and ride them at IBOP and Pavo-Cup.
We offer top sports facilities, while bringing your horse to high performance level. Also paddocks and grazing are included, ensuring your horse can relax.
We don't have employees and therefore i will train the horses myself. Due to this fact we try to be strict and select only the best horses to stay at our stable. Our motto: better 5 good horses, than 10 average horses!


With great pleasure i train and instruct students from B up to Grand-Prix everyday . I graduated from Helicon College in Deurne (international instruction course).
We organize regularly activities like test orientated instruction or mental coaching courses. If you are dedicated and enthusiastic you and your horses are more than welcome. A lesson costs 50,-.


On a regular basis i give instruction clinics , either at our stables or at horse and pony clubs. A demonstration/show with my own horses is also an option. If you have something to celebrate or you just would like to have an informative day with your club, please don't hesitate and contact me. Use the contact link on this site or via lotjeschoots@live.nl.